Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Hell bound Christians!"

John15:1-8 Jesus tells us that He is "The True Vine" and that His Father, God The Father, is "The Vinedresser" and that everyone "in Christ" (ie. Christian) are "the branches". Are you with me so far? Good.Now Jesus tells us that God The Father is the one with the knife, and that He's looking for three things.1)Fruit. He's looking for fruit because that's why we are here - to bear fruit.When He finds fruit He's happy. What's He do with it? I don't know and it's not my job to do anything but produce.2)Unwanted, life draining things in our lives that He can cut off. If you've raised tomatoes you'd call them "suckers", the little branch that grows out at the base of a branch and keeps sucking the life from the tomatoes, so you end up with cherry tomatoes instead of beefsteak. Those things that steal time from Him and His work. Things that He's told you to get rid of. When He finds the "suckers" He pinches the little ones off or lays the knife to it. Unlike a plant, you can resist.3)Unfruitful Christians. Yep, those people that think "Hey I'm in now!" and try to do very little or try to ignore the knife. The unfruitful ones. What's He do with these? The Bible says"Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He cuts off." John15:2a
and then
"If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered: and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned." John16:6

I think that's pretty obvious, don't you?

"Once saved, always saved." is a lie!Or the Bible is. You decide, but just remember, Jesus is the Word. You deny Him and He will deny you! I personally believe the Word of God.

I'm not going to be a "Hell bound Christian".

God Bless!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That liar lucifer plays for keeps!

The single greatest con ever pulled off, is still running and still sucking people in. Chances are you're one of the losers in this con-job. How can I say this? I was just like you until almost fourteen years ago. I believed that the devil was a pointy earred little red skinned creep that had a pitch-fork/trident and a spade ended tail. I thought hell was the toasty little party place and that all the cool people would be there. I thought the devil could make me do things and that I was basically O.K., hey I wasn't Hitler!

Boy was I wrong!

The devil is for real and he wants you dead, in pain, or just plain miserable! He is the theif that comes to kill steal and destroy! There is nothing he likes better than for you to believe he doesn't exist or at most believe he's like the comic book "Hot Stuff".
As for hell and the lake of fire, they're real and God will put you there if He judges you so! Why? Because He's already paid for you to go to Heaven with the blood of His only begotten Son - Jesus. So what more do you want? He died for you and by becoming your sin He took it to Hell and paid the price for you!

Now there is only one sin that takes you to Hell.

Would you like to know what it is?

Denying Christ His place in your life!

That's right!

You will go to Hell by not believing in Jesus. By not accepting His gift. By not walking in the Love He gave for you! You will send yourself to Hell by not believing in Jesus! Only you can do it! God already paid for you to go to Heaven with the blood of His Son Jesus. You can't Love that much! You wouldn't die for a murder, but Jesus died for YOU! You know that you wouldn't die for me! But Jesus did, before He cleaned me up! How can you even ask God to do anything else for you when you deny the hideous death His Son Jesus suffered for YOU!!! Your only choices are to either drop to your knees and cry out to God and thank Him for what He did for you - OR - spit in the face of God and GO TO HELL!!!!

God Bless!

Monday, June 13, 2005

War-Lord hiring!

I met this "guy" a while ago. He was looking for some "Special" people. People he could train to conquer, warrior types. I asked "Him" what would I get in return. The answer was odd.
He told me that in return for my undying devotion and absolute obedience I would get all my "Debts" paid in full. Plus I would get power and wealth. This was were it got weird; I would be healed of all my illnesses, diseases and any future "Injuries". Then I find out that this "War-Lord" is a King, and when my term of enlistment is over I'm going home with "His Majesty" to my own "castle".
I asked where can I sign up?
"His Majesty" said that there is just two more things.
1) From now on I belong to "Him" and I will obey all "His" rules without question, if I fail in any way I must come imediately to "Him" and spill it all, and I would be PARDONED. O.K., sounds odd but ...
2) I must tell everyone about "Him" and give everyone I come in contact with the chance to sign up regardless of who they are, and if I ever deny "His Majesty" before these people in the end "He" would deny me. So then I wouldn't get the castle?
Then "He" said "No my son. When I call you home I will finish this world off and the ruler of it. Anyone left behind will in all probability die in that war, and I never lose."
I signed up,
and I just told you.
His name is Jesus.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a thought

Why does the thunder of a Harley make a man's heart skip a beat, and race after it, even if he's never ridden?
How can I still feel the wind on my face and hear the roar of the wind in my ears and I haven't ridden yet this year?
Why does the crack of a gunshot wake me no faster than the sound of my child's voice in the night?
Why does my wife still call me "Handsome" after twelve years and seventy pounds.
How can I still see my Kindergarden class room like it was yesterday, but I still can't remember what I had for lunch last tuesday?
Why haven't the people with money found my web-site, but all my friends have?
Why don't the smart people run for office, or go into management?
Why are the only religious fanatics allowed at a political convention evilutionists?
If reading for eight hours consumes as many calories as a twenty mile race, why are there so many fat people in offices?
Why is my hardest and most effective exercise the "push-away from the table before seconds"?
Why is it most CEO's are over 6'2" but most people think if you're big you're dumb?
Why were most of our Presidents Christians, and yet the liberals want you to believe that this isn't a Christian Nation"?
Why is it more people die from terminal head injuries in car crashes than die on motorcycles?
Why are you reading this?
How could God love you so much?
Why is it so hot?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Welcome to my Blog, an introduction.

Well, here we are. Complete strangers exchanging words.
What to talk about?
1) The name "Sword and pen" comes from an odd thought that occured to me. When God wrote His Word {the Sword of the Spirit} through men, and the Bible {His Word} was "Penned", was God penning a sword? Is the pen mightier than the sword or is it the Sword that makes the pen so mighty?

2)Why is it that people think your weak to believe in God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. And yet they have no problem with the idea of evilution and how stupid and faith demanding that false religion is.

3)Why do people come to America and then try to remove the Christian foundations that made it the "Land of the Free"? Check out Gen./Pres. George Washington's farewell address.

4)Why can a school teacher preach the religions of evilution and witchcraft to our children and then make them take a test on it, when it's illegal (now days) to speak the truth of The Word of God (Bible), which this country was founded on?

5)Why does "the Church" refuse to let in the "rough" when Jesus hung out with them?

6)Why is it "Martin Luther King Day" and not "Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Day"?

7)Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

8)Why ask why?

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