Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That liar lucifer plays for keeps!

The single greatest con ever pulled off, is still running and still sucking people in. Chances are you're one of the losers in this con-job. How can I say this? I was just like you until almost fourteen years ago. I believed that the devil was a pointy earred little red skinned creep that had a pitch-fork/trident and a spade ended tail. I thought hell was the toasty little party place and that all the cool people would be there. I thought the devil could make me do things and that I was basically O.K., hey I wasn't Hitler!

Boy was I wrong!

The devil is for real and he wants you dead, in pain, or just plain miserable! He is the theif that comes to kill steal and destroy! There is nothing he likes better than for you to believe he doesn't exist or at most believe he's like the comic book "Hot Stuff".
As for hell and the lake of fire, they're real and God will put you there if He judges you so! Why? Because He's already paid for you to go to Heaven with the blood of His only begotten Son - Jesus. So what more do you want? He died for you and by becoming your sin He took it to Hell and paid the price for you!

Now there is only one sin that takes you to Hell.

Would you like to know what it is?

Denying Christ His place in your life!

That's right!

You will go to Hell by not believing in Jesus. By not accepting His gift. By not walking in the Love He gave for you! You will send yourself to Hell by not believing in Jesus! Only you can do it! God already paid for you to go to Heaven with the blood of His Son Jesus. You can't Love that much! You wouldn't die for a murder, but Jesus died for YOU! You know that you wouldn't die for me! But Jesus did, before He cleaned me up! How can you even ask God to do anything else for you when you deny the hideous death His Son Jesus suffered for YOU!!! Your only choices are to either drop to your knees and cry out to God and thank Him for what He did for you - OR - spit in the face of God and GO TO HELL!!!!

God Bless!


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