Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina and the 'Hand of God'.

That's a load of cow dung!

We live in a sin sick world, why would God take out New Orleans and not Denver? Why not Las Vegas or Hollywood? That's strictly a bunch of religious garbage and nothing more.

God is Good! He is the Father of Light and in Him is no darkness or even a shadow of turning that way.

The evil in the world is in the heart of men, anyone of us could be Hitler or Osama driven by hate and the evil in our hearts. The father of lies is satan and he only has the power of lies, nothing more.

The world has a natural set of laws that it runs by, it is also infected with sin and death. If you want to blame someone blame the ones who have authority.

Not Bush! You!

Adam was given the keys to the earth and to to take dominion over it. He sinned and gave the keys to satan, but he couldn't use them. Then Jesus came and took them back thru the cross. What did He do with them? The Bible says He gave them back to the believers/followers. Now we have the keys, we have the dominion. If you want to blame someone, go look into the mirror and blame that one.

God is Good and He hears and answers prayers.

So why did it happen? People were praying. I don't know, but it's not God's fault or doing. You have the dominion, so He didn't even 'let' it happen, you did.

When God brings judgement He gives a fair warning to repent and then if repentance is made , He turns aside His wrath.

Katrina was nothing more than a naturally occuring event, the looting and greed of the oil companies is the evil from the heart of men. That is the true evil that happened, lust and greed.

I have one thing to say to you if you're one of those religious idiots blaming God, GO BUY A BIBLE AND READ IT!

{A dear friend said idiot, which means lacking intelligence, was too strong a word. Okay. I'll call you what Jesus called the religious idiots of His earthly days...Painted corpse filled structures dedicated to the past! White washed tombs full of dead men's bones! Twice the fathers of hell!}

If you're someone who is looking for answers, God didn't do it and didn't let it happen! Katrina was a natural phenominon that occured, one of six that land on the coast of the USA per year.


How about the guy that built the city on sinking foundations? The engineer that built substandard retaining walls? THE CHURCH THAT HAS STOPPED BELIEVING IN IT'S AUTHORITY?

But not God, He's innocent of the inoccent's blood.

God is Good, Always!

God Bless!
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