Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a thought

Why does the thunder of a Harley make a man's heart skip a beat, and race after it, even if he's never ridden?
How can I still feel the wind on my face and hear the roar of the wind in my ears and I haven't ridden yet this year?
Why does the crack of a gunshot wake me no faster than the sound of my child's voice in the night?
Why does my wife still call me "Handsome" after twelve years and seventy pounds.
How can I still see my Kindergarden class room like it was yesterday, but I still can't remember what I had for lunch last tuesday?
Why haven't the people with money found my web-site, but all my friends have?
Why don't the smart people run for office, or go into management?
Why are the only religious fanatics allowed at a political convention evilutionists?
If reading for eight hours consumes as many calories as a twenty mile race, why are there so many fat people in offices?
Why is my hardest and most effective exercise the "push-away from the table before seconds"?
Why is it most CEO's are over 6'2" but most people think if you're big you're dumb?
Why were most of our Presidents Christians, and yet the liberals want you to believe that this isn't a Christian Nation"?
Why is it more people die from terminal head injuries in car crashes than die on motorcycles?
Why are you reading this?
How could God love you so much?
Why is it so hot?


Blogger Rulan said...

lol. Love the questions, man. cool.
I quess we'll all have a few to ask our Lord when we get home.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 7:51:00 PM  

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