Friday, November 21, 2008

"The Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips"

by Stephen Baldwin & Mark Tabb

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This book contains many phrases that are unnecessary and vulgar.


Even years of experience haven't prepared Officer Andy Myers for this case---

When Officer Andy Myers met Loraine Phillips, he had no interest in her son. And he certainly never dreamed he'd respond to a call, finding that same boy in a pool of blood. Even more alarming was the father standing watch over his son's body. Myers had never seen a man respond to death-particularly the death of a child-in such a way. When the father is charged with murder and sentenced to death, he chooses not to fight but embrace it as God's will. Myers becomes consumed with curiosity for these strange beliefs. What follows is the story of the bond these two men share as they come to terms with the tragedy and the difficult choices each one must make.


STEPHEN BALDWIN - actor, family man, born-again Christian - makes his home in upstate New York with his wife and two young daughters.

Equally adept at drama and comedy, Baldwin has appeared in over 60 films and been featured on such top-rated television shows as Fear Factor and Celebrity Mole. He has his own production company that is developing projects for television and the big screen. These days, however, his role as director, co-producer and host of Livin' It - a cutting-edge skate video is bringing out his white hot passion for evangelism.

Writer and communicator Mark Tabb calls himself an “internationally unknown author.” Although his books have been published around the world, he is best known for his collaborative works. His 2008 release, “Mistaken Identity”, written with the Van Ryn and Cerak families, hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list for two weeks, and remained on the list for over two months. He and actor Stephen Baldwin teamed up on their 2005 New York Times bestseller, “The Unusual Suspect,” and with their first work of fiction, “The Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips,”


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


To those who did not vote or cast a non vote, you have your man!

A person that does not vote, votes for the winner.

Do not say a word of complaint for the next four years, you voted in the "Obamanation!"

God forgive us.



Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pain and emptiness in an artist's soul.

How can I put into words what it is I am feeling? I ache. I hurt. It is a deep burning that starts in the middle of my chest and goes deeper. It's the kind of twisting pain that makes you want to puke. Makes you want to give up and call it all quits. The kind of pain that steals all your strength and leaves you feeling lifeless. I'm talking about a wound that draws no blood, if it did, it could heal on it's own. It's a wound that is caused by betrayal, rejection and a broken trust. I want to scream and cry but there are no tears, shock and disbelief have dried that well thoroughly. My soul is filled with a hollow loneliness as if my best friend told me I was worthless and left. It's like a lover dies and all the promises disappear, they read the will and you're not included but the new paper-boy gets a healthy chunk. Imagine working on a piece of art for two years under constant encouragement. The Queen posts images of the piece, promising it as the head of the new exhibit. Opening day comes and as you approach the commons you see that all the posters have changed and a child's drawing is in your place. As you enter the hall, no one speaks about the injustice and there is not a sign of your work. The saddest part is, thousands of people know and not one person has said one word about the wrong. Every day I travel those same halls and pass the same people and because I still care, I can say nothing because the exhibit must open. The Queen treats your work as if it means nothing and was a passing fancy. I don't even get the honor of being acknowledged for anything more than, “ya, he was here”. It is as if I were in mourning.

I wish I could cry.

But my well is cold and dry.

God Bless them and you.

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