Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Web of Lies"

by Brandilyn Collins

Time for a book on a Blog Tour or a "Blour du Jour" as Brandilyn Collins calls it.

Her new book "Web of Lies" is another GOOD one! This book, the last in her Hidden Faces series, brings together two of her popular characters, forensic artist Annie Kingston and Chelsea Adams, who sees visions sent by God. A nightmarish vision. A murder in broad daylight. How are they connected? After witnessing a shooting at a convenience store, forensic artist Annie Kingston must draw a composite of the suspect. But before she can begin, she hears that Chelsea Adams wants to meet with her-now. Chelsea Adams-the woman who made national headlines with her visions of murder. And this vision is by far the most chilling. Chelsea and Annie soon find themselves snared in a terrifying battle against time, greed, and a deadly opponent. If they tell the police, will their story be believed? With the web of lies thickening . . . and lives at stake, who will know enough to save them?

Here is what she said in a couple of interviews...

Q: Do your own books give YOU nightmares?
Brandilyn: Nope. And they should. I am definitely warped, like my mother says.

Q: Are there any benefits to being a writer of the suspenseful?
Brandilyn: I get to tell boys who want to date my daughter that I "kill people for a living." (Said daughter just rolls her eyes, but it works on the boys.)And, oh yeah--I get to create Story.

Don't forget to b r e a t h e . . (TM)

What's the big creepy in this one? Spiders, ya spiders! This is another winner! I love this book and now I have got to find the first three! Don't worry though you don't have to read the first three to enjoy this one. There are no spoilers in it to ruin the first three!

Buy "Web of Lies" here...

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