Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Ya, they also call it Easter.

I just am not into the pagan god Ostara/Eostre. Which is where the bunny and eggs came from. Why do Christians have pagan junk attached to it's greatest Holyday? To get pagans to feel comfortable in Church, no really, that's why!

So, Jesus was crucified on Friday and they had to have Him in the grave by 6pm. Why? Because His people start the day at sunset, so Saturday started at 6pm on Friday. So why did they have to have Him in the grave before Saturday? That was His people's Sabbath/Holy day, as a Christian we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday, and they couldn't touch the dead on the Sabbath.

Now here we are on Sunday, the third day he's been in the grave. The guys and gals that hung around Jesus and listened to Him are now hiding back at the hall. One of the girls goes to His grave to pour perfumed oil on him, back then they didn't embalm the dead so they rotted quickly. Just after dawn she shows up at the grave and finds it open! Someone rolled the stone away from the mouth of the tomb!

So a grave robber got to Him first? Nope, the Romans posted a squad to guard the tomb so no nuts could steal the body and claim He rose from the dead. So they fell asleep and a bunch of guys rolled the stone away and stole the body while the fat little rent-a-cops slept. No, these were Roman Soldiers and the punishment for falling asleep on watch was DEATH! So what happened? A couple of angels rolled the stone away as the power of Heaven flooded the tomb! Jesus raises from the dead and the soldier are slain in the spirit, knocked cold by pure power!

Now Mary runs in and finds the body gone and she falls apart. She exits the tomb and wanders up the path where she meets this guy she thinks is the gardener. Her eyes are full of tears and she looks at Him and asks where He took Jesus. He says her name twice before she recognizes His voice. She grabs Him and hugs Him as if to make it so He can never leave again. Well Jesus tells her to go tell everyone that He is alive. He makes sure she knows to tell even His friend Peter, who had denied he knew Jesus just three days earlier.

Now we have historical testimonies of 500 non-Christians seeing Jesus walk the streets for the next 40days! (I don't have them but it's documented.)

We celebrate Easter/Resurrection Day on Sunday and made that day our Sabbath because that is the day He rose from the dead!

Happy Resurrection Day!

God Bless!


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