Monday, September 15, 2008

911 - Where were you?

I was at work.

At the time I worked in a factory as a welder. There was a lot of hammer use, so it's a loud place. The guy that worked next to me kept the "resident idiot talk-show" cranked up loud on a stereo that he had brought in, it was against the contract but the plant foreman liked him. The 'host' was always saying stuff that made no sense, so when he said the towers had been hit we ignored it. It wasn't until a secretary came out crying that we started trying to find a radio to hear what had happened, the "talk-show idiot" never said anything else about it!

When the second tower was hit we started getting antsy, they were closing the federal buildings. Right about then the plant foreman came out and started yelling that he didn't care if the world did come to an end we were not going home and anyone that left was fired! Then he started going off about how we weren't getting paid to stand around.

That night I went home and just tried to explain to my kids what happened. They couldn't understand how Obama could hate us so much. I told them it wasn't about us, it was about Jesus! That bin-Laden attacked innocents in the name of his moon god allah showed just how 'anti-Christ' he really was.

I had to show them pictures of Barack and bin-Laden during the Dem. race because they thought a muslim was trying to get into the White-House!

I quit the factory job a couple years ago and shortly thereafter the company vanished, not moved, completely gone. I even tried to find them via the web, nothing but a parts distributor in Florida even shows that company's name.

Where were you?

God Bless!



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