Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

and a belated Merry Christ-mas!

Funny isn't it, it's 2007 Anno Domini (Latin: "In the year of (Our) Lord") and yet so many people pitch a fit over Jesus Christ in Christ-mas! Excuse me but Christ-mas is Jesus the Christ's birthday! Hello!

Jesus is the first gift of Christ-mas!

What would this new year hold if Jesus the Christ had never been born?

Well for one thing if you're a women or a black you'd still have no rights! The Christian church is the only world wide supporter of your freedom!

You and I wouldn't be doing any reading, because it was the Christians that believed in education! The first 120 universities in the U.S.A were Christian Schools! Not to mention that the pursuit of the printed page {ie printing press} was by Christians!

How about Hospitals? Christians. The other religions ran them out of town or let them die as the will of god! But God said to love the sick and help them! So the next time you or you loved ones have to visit the Doc, say "Thank-you Jesus!" that the hospital or Doctor is in!

So have a Happy New Year and thank The Lord Jesus for His Love and your freedom!

God Bless!


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